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Quality Beach Cruisers

Beachbikes is giving you the best reason to spend your leisure time outdoors with a beach crusier. These bikes do more than just get you from point A to B, they provide a rding experience like any other. .

Beach Bike Information


We've spent years perfecting and styling our bikes to get the look just right while never compromising comfort. You can be sure that your new bike is designed to do it all.


Connect with your beach cruiser bike personal mechanic or ride specialist to get answers to your questions about bike assembly, parts, and even finding a riding adventure to go on. 


To make sure that your bike is always in the best riding condition, we'll warranty your bike forever. Just be sure to add the Forever Warranty to your bike order.


Our beach cruisers are affordable for everyone, so if you've had your eye on a specific bike, now's the time to get it. You can be moving free and having fun in no time.